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A Question That Is Stirring Hearts

There is a question posed in lesson 2 of Ignite Your Passion for God that is getting the same response every time we read it.  It was no different in Edmonton and in Burnaby BC this week.

The question can be found in the Wrap it Up section and it concerns the word of God and our bodies being the temple of God.  The question is set up after studying King Josiah and what happened when he found the book of the law after it had been missing the for 57 years.   If we are the temple of God has God’s Word been lost in the temple?  What role does the Word of God play in your life?   The question is met with a groan and a sigh followed by a nodding of the head.  This is the Holy Spirit at work, the 500 plus people attending realize that the parallels between Judah and our society are far to similar.  Our culture is full of idol worship and these idols are stealing our time, energy and all the glory that is to be for God.

In Edmonton the majority of those in attendance were brand new to the inductive study method and many had their eyes opened to the value of slowing down when studying the scriptures.  Some of those attending rushed to the book table to grab the tools needed to continue to dig in to God’s Word.Edmonton

Last night in Burnaby again the majority of those in attendance were new to inductive study and the conversations around the small group tables was very exciting to hear.  Each group working through the text, reasoning the scriptures, comparing the times of 1 Kings and the stories of Solomon and Josiah with the world we live in today.  The value of slowing down, asking key questions and then properly applying scripture to our lives is so valuable.  Sadly many Christians read God’s Word and attempt to force the scripture to mean something that the author never intended.  Scripture out of context is like fingernails on a chalkboard.

BurnabyAs we packed up last night our church host shared the same story I have heard a few times now and honestly it never gets old “the timing of the Fan the Flame Tour is perfect for me, I have been on a down word spiral becoming apathetic to the things of God”  I love how God has cleared the way for this tour, many of the churches we have gone to are brand new locations, people new to Precept as well as people who have not been engaged in the ministry for years.

God has taken us to the exact locations needed because the people there needed to study this message and receive the wake up call to defeat spiritual apathy in their lives.

The tour is wrapping up and I am so thankful for all the locations, we head North now to Quesnel BC for Saturday and Sunday, then back to Vancouver and then on to Terrace BC on Monday.

Watch the recap videos for Edmonton and Burnaby

Edmonton, AB – Fan the Flame Cross Canada Tour from Precept Ministries International on Vimeo.

Burnaby, BC – Fan the Flame Cross Canada Tour from Precept Ministries International on Vimeo.