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And We’re Off…

The Cross-Canada portion of the tour kicked off last night in Halifax Nova Scotia. I wasn’t quite sure we were going to get out of Pearson on Wednesday due to the snow storm but we left on time and arrived in Halifax to super high winds and rain. The landing was one of the worst I have experienced in all my travels as the plane was tossed around in the wind it was turning my stomach like crazy. I think all 3 of us were saying a little prayer until we hit the ground safely.

We arrived at the Salvation Army Fairview Citadel and met our hosts Ann and Bern Borden and they had a great sign waiting for us and at 6:00 pm the majority of the people were already at the church and ready to get started.IMG_5505

I met up with Dorothy James who has been a trainer with the ministry for as long as I have been there and probably many years before my arrival and one of the first things she said after welcoming me was “There are a lot of grey hairs here” It’s true, the majority of the people who were at the training we either retired or close to retirement. There were a number of others in attendance who would be classed as middle age. What was great to see was the ratio of men to woman was pretty good.

Dorothy’s comment made me stop and think about the future of Precept Ministries on the East Coast and in the Halifax area. There are a number of people doing inductive studies in the area but if the majority of them would be classified as young at heart what happens when these fine people are called to glory? It seems the time for us to begin praying that God would raise up a younger generation of students who will fall in love with God’s Word through Precept Inductive Study. Dorothy saw this importance immediately and pointed it out, she is so thankful for what God is doing in Halifax but also wants to see the next generation of students grab the baton and run with it towards the multiplication of students and classes.   12798844_1085978348090045_7212518671771681472_n

So today as we head to Fredericton my prayer is that God would use the training last night to stir in the heart of the local pastors who were in attendance, that they would take the tools and the material back to their churches and engage their young couples in Bible Study using the Ignite Your Passion for God book.

Halifax, NS – Fan the Flame Cross-Canada Tour from Precept Ministries International on Vimeo.