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The New Book Has Arrived

Wow!  After almost 18 months of diligent study and work I am excited to announce that the new Bible Study I co-authored with Kay Arthur has hit the stores.  The book is called Ignite Your Passion for God and it is a 6 week no homework study that tackles the subject of apathy.  Starting February…


Believing God For More

For six weeks my church passionately studied two Scripture verses in preparation for our move into a much larger building. As I sat in the final services in the old building we watched videos about the history of the church and how by God’s grace the congregation flourished in the early years and filled one…


5 Truths Children of God Need to Know

  In the few days between Break Forth and my next training assignment in Edmonton, I committed to studying First John. The book of First John is filled with amazing truths. Try this, read through the entire letter and put a “K” over the word know, you’ll be amazed! Many of these “knows” indicate the…


Ottawa Marathon Weekend

This was a weekend I’ll sadly never forget…the weekend started off in a tremendous way.  I arrived in Ottawa Friday night and was scheduled to teach at the Met Bible Church at 7:00 pm.  I walked in the doors of the church just after 6:30 pm ready to lead 50 people through an Inductive Bible…

Bay Race

Around the Bay 2014

Sunday March 30 marked the opening of the spring races for this year, it also marked an opportunity for me to gauge whether I would be on pace for my goal race which is the Ottawa Marathon coming up in May.  Around the Bay is the longest distance race I have competed in since October….


Light at the End of the Tunnel

Doubt…that dark place in the middle of the tunnel. You’ve come so far that you can’t turn back, but you still can’t see the light at the other end. In that dark place the enemy plants doubt in your mind. “What if God doesn’t…answer my prayer, provide the funds, do anything amazing”—the list could go…