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In 2007 our son Ethan was diagnosed with Autism.  The news you never expect to hear yet knew deep down there was something different about Ethan.  Early on Ethan met all of his milestones according to what we would see on the wall in the doctors office.  After  a few visits to the doctor we noticed that there were milestones on the chart that he was not meeting anymore.  He did not have the vocabulary as described on the chart as well as his development was slower than described.

After many appointments with different specialists, our family doctor a naturopath and paediatrician we were told that Ethan was on the Autism Spectrum.  Many tears have been shed by both Ethan and us (his parents) as we have learned how to meet all of his needs.

God has blessed us with a wonderful boy who is absolutely hilarious.  He has a razor sharp memory and loves technology.  All of the therapists and teachers who come in to contact with him fall in love.

Each year our family commits to raising funds and awareness for Autism Speaks Canada.  Team Ethan David has been apart of the Autism Walk since 2007 and have raised more than $20,000. 

We are so thankful for all those God has put in our life to support us as we raise both of our children to be great men and women of God.

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