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Fan the Flame Tour has Finished!

This morning I am sitting in my hotel room in Terrace BC, surrounded by mountains.  Last night here in this small community a church was packed with people who came together to study God’s Word by using the book Ignite Your Passion for God.  One of the most amazing things about the workshop came with…

med hat

Power in His Word

We have reached the halfway point of the Fan the Flame Cross-Canada Tour and we have arrived in Alberta. On Monday night we had our workshop in Regina at the local Christian School and although the numbers were smaller than some of our other locations I continue to be amazed at how God is using…


Timing is Everything

Have you ever had one of those days where everything has to go just right? This was what needed to happen on Saturday in order for the team to get to Winnipeg in time to teach the workshop on Saturday. My day started with a 3:30 am wake up call at the hotel as our…


Quebec…God at Work.

My alarm goes off and I receive a wake up call at 3:30 am…yup you are reading this right…3:30 in the morning. We are off to Winnipeg this morning via Toronto and as I sit here in the airport holding back the tears, tears of joy (maybe) I am wondering…is this suffering for the gospel?…


Why Do We Do This To Ourselves?

New Brunswick to Toronto to Montreal It’s 4:40 am and it was an early morning. I taught the workshop in St. Stephen New Brunswick last night which is approximately a 1:40 min drive from Fredericton on a two lane road that I am pretty sure was once a logging road. As I wake up and…


And We’re Off…

The Cross-Canada portion of the tour kicked off last night in Halifax Nova Scotia. I wasn’t quite sure we were going to get out of Pearson on Wednesday due to the snow storm but we left on time and arrived in Halifax to super high winds and rain. The landing was one of the worst…


Fan the Flame Tour Stops 2 and 3

The Fan the Flame Tour officially started last week in Unionville ON and then on Saturday we travelled to St. Catharines ON where 36 people gathered in a room to study Ignite Your Passion for God.  What a great morning of study with a great group of people.  There was a woman there who didn’t…


Persecuted for Christ

Are you as concerned about what’s happening in the world as I am? I’m watching closely what’s happening to Christians in the Middle East and watching as the children of Satan do their best to annihilate Christians. As I read about this persecution, I can’t help but think that this persecution is headed our way….