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Christmas is Spelled Hope

Christmas is spelled HOPE   The anticipation that comes from seeing the speaking bubble with the three bullets can sometimes drive you crazy. That bubble is the standard in 2012. It indicates that the person on the other end of the message is about to send you a text message. The anticipation of what could…

Big News at Precept

Press Release (For Immediate Release) December 5, 2012 (Brantford, ON) –Precept Ministries Inc. announced a transition in key management roles today as National Directors, Dr. Tom & Jane Hart, officially announced that the Board of Directors has appointed their successor, Mark Sheldrake. Mark will assume the role of National Director, January 1, 2013. Mark’s desire is…


There are No Pockets in Heaven

I’ve been challenged over the past month and let me tell you it has been tough to look in the proverbial mirror. I have taken some serious time to really evaluate all aspects of my relationship with the Lord.  This has been a wonderful experience.  I am seeing how God is working in my life.  For those…


God What is Taking So Long….

Have you ever asked “God what is taking so long?”  Whether it be a time of suffering we are going through or a prayer request we have put before God.  We don’t get the results we are looking for right away and then boom we ask “GOD WHERE ARE YOU AND WHAT IS TAKING SO…

A Divided Heart, Divided Nation

I’ve had a very hectic summer so far and look forward to late July and August. Boot Camp is done, summer workshops have passed and I don’t start teaching again until after the long weekend in September. I try to use my time to do personal study on a more intense level than I do…

Promises, Promises

As I sat with my daughter who’s 5 going on 16, she reminded me of something I had said more than a year ago (side note – what is it about a child that remembers everything and some days I struggle to remember where I left my car keys), “Dad” “Yes Logan” “Remember when you…