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Chilly is an understatement

Race season has begun….this has been a very difficult winter to train.  The majority of my training has occurred on a treadmill, the indoor track and at Fundamental Fitness Conditioning.

It’s been 1 year since I slipped on the ice and injured my hip…or so I thought.  After receiving treatment at Essential Physiotherapy I have come to learn that the injury to my hip is more likely chillyreferral pain from tightness in the lower back.  I’ve committed to an intense program of stretching and flexibility and it has paid off.

On Sunday March 2, 2014 I started the race season in Burlington, ON.  The Chilly Half-Marathon was not really chilly, more like freezing cold with temperatures hovering around -21 with the windchill.

The course was flat and fast with two out and back turnarounds on Lakeshore Road.  Great scenery as we raced.  As the race began I was somewhat worried about the snow, ice and slush covered roads not to mention the temperatures and what that would do to the water at the aid stations.  The conclusion on the water at the aid stations was that it froze and it was difficult to get proper hydration over the course.

My final time turned out to be a personal best for the Half-Marathon with a 1:39:10 chip time.  I placed 300th overall and 40 in my age group.  I very happy with that time considering the conditions on race day.  I do have in the back of my mind the thought of what could have been if the conditions were prime for racing.

I did learn a few lessons in this race.  First lesson is the winter weight I have put on due to travel does play a major factor in performance so it is time to gear in that nutrition as I prepare for May.  The second lesson is the importance of stretching and flexibility.  Stretching is crucial to enhanced performance and all that extra time is well spend in continuing to ensure I meet the goal of running in the Boston Marathon.

Next up – Around the Bay on March 30, 2014


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