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Discovering Truth for Myself

So I am sooo not a blogger..but here’s the thing.
As I work through the scriptures I am astounded by what God is teaching me each and everyday.  As I went through Bible College studying the scriptures through reading books about the scriptures, taking overviews of the books or taking courses on parables, miracles, minor prophets etc…I feel as though I was studying for a job. 
I was sitting in church the other day and heard a statistic that says 76% of pastors only read their Bible for sermon preperation.  I sat back reflecting on my ministry career and said yup..that’s true.  Wow!

Now as I study the Bible daily for my own spiritual gain I am amazed at what God is teaching me.
The purpose of this blog is to share these insights
Hey maybe you’ll even find a sermon on here worth sharing
Keep checking back to see how God is working

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