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Fan the Flame Cross Canada Tour Has Started.

For the past 3 years I have done a Cross-Canada Inductive Bible Study training tour. This tour is a huge part of our ministry year and out of the tour we see a number of new studies started throughout the country. Last night we kicked off the Fan the Flame Tour in Unionville/Markham ON. The focus of this tour is waging war against spiritual apathy in the church.

We arrived at Unionville Alliance Church and we were ready to kick off the tour and get into God’s Word by using the 40-minute study called Ignite Your Passion for God. I was fired up to get going as this is a book that I have written alongside Kay Arthur and this was the first time I would personally lead the final product. I led a sample lesson months earlier at a conference and it seemed to go well but there were so many changes since the pilot course.

I stood at the front and asked the group what they were passionate about and there were many different answers which was great. This set the stage to show that we all have many different things we are passionate about but there are so many that have lost their passion for God. As I opened the book and began to read the introduction to the study I flashed back to the moment I sat at the computer and typed that introduction out but now I was reading it to a group of people from a book that we were all about to study together. It was 18 months earlier that I started the writing process but this was the moment I was longing to see, a group of people digging into God’s Word and learning how to ignite their passion for God.DSC_0007

As I read I paused to look up and saw everyone following with me and nodding their heads in agreement I was overwhelmed with the moment and had to quickly gather myself. This was a moment in which I was standing in awe of what God has done in my life. 9 years ago I walked away from the local church never wanting to pastor again, not really interested in serving in any ministry and yet in this moment I now stood before a small group of people reading not just the words in an introduction but really sharing my heart’s desire to see people living a life that glorifies God, a life full of passion and fire for the things of God, something that I had lost in my own life 9 years ago.

Last night in Unionville was so much more than a training workshop for me, this was a clear affirmation of the mighty work of God in my own life. The day I was introduced to Inductive Bible Study and to Precept Ministries was the day God’s Word changed forever, the Bible went from being a text book to being the very voice of God in my life. Through a simple method of study, I was moved from apathy to burning passion to not only study God’s Word but share it with as many people as God would bring in to my life. In the first few moments of reading that introduction and kicking off the tour I realized that it is possible that God is going to use this Bible Study tool to move hundreds maybe thousands of people from an apathetic life to a life filled with a passion for God and His Word…this friends was a very humbling moment and I am so thankful for the opportunity to teach this subject in 18 more locations over the next few weeks.

St. Catharine’s Here we come….

*Stay tuned for more updates from the road.


Unionville, ON – Fan the Flame from Precept Ministries International on Vimeo.