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Fan the Flame Tour Stops 2 and 3

The Fan the Flame Tour officially started last week in Unionville ON and then on Saturday we travelled to St. Catharines ON where 36 people gathered in a room to study Ignite Your Passion for God.  What a great morning of study with a great group of people.  There was a woman there who didn’t feel very confident to lead the study in the small group setting and I get that it can be intimidating to lead a small group of strangers through a study you have never looked at before but she did it and was so on fire for what she learned that she went home and taught the lesson to her Sunday School the next day and her pastor called first thing Monday morning to order 10 more books to do with the group.  This is why we do the tour, to see so many people getting engaged in God’s Word.12805903_1084798868207993_7484544296130176797_n

Fast Forward to last night and the HUGE Ontario event where we went live over the internet to 5 locations in Forest, Windsor, Stratford, Lindsay and Orleans (just outside of Ottawa).  We were live in Guelph using Live Streaming technology to train more than 250 people across the 6 locations.

We went live with the broadcast at 6:00 pm after fighting some audio issues but Ken the sound guy and Terry corrected the sound which was the biggest problem we faced.  As the feed went live the text messages started coming in with all 5 locations informing us they were up and running.  This was music to my ears as the contingency plan was for the trainers to take over and teach the workshop if there were any problems.  Praise the Lord that only a few minor issues were corrected and all were able to join the event.

In the sanctuary in Guelph you could sense the excitement in knowing that they were all apart of something great that was happening.  For the first time in our ministry history we were LIVE in 6 churches doing a workshop at the same time.  We started the training and as we dug into the scriptures the night was not about being online anymore but about being immersed in the Word learning about the things that smother our passion for God.

12814110_1084849844869562_1640718694506673243_nWe took a 5-minute break and then launched our 80+ people in to their small groups of 5 people.  This was the most exciting part for me.  The church suddenly was transformed from one mass group of people following along with me to more 17 small groups scattered in two rooms digging into the second lesson.   This really is the best part of the workshop as these groups start interrogating the text and reasoning through what they are learning.  I love hearing how the discussion is shaped by God’s Word and you don’t hear many rabbit trail discussions.

In Guelph the feedback was great and as I brought the final challenge it was so nice to see many of those attending nodding their head in agreement that the Word of God must be central in our lives.

The tour has just started and we have another 9 stops to go before we are back in Ontario and I cannot wait to see what is going to happen next.

Next Stop – Halifax NS.

Simulcast – Fan the Flame Tour from Precept Ministries International on Vimeo.