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February Already

Wow!  Been a very busy month of January, new job and some major travel over the last few weeks has slowed down my training and now I’ve got a pretty good chest cold that will slow me down.   I have officially registered for the Mississauga Marathon on May 6th.
I’m a little worried about getting all of my training runs in due to a trip to Israel for 2 weeks in March.  I’ll have to watch what I eat and get plenty of exercise to ensure I stay in shape.  I’ve been super lazy since Christmas and need to drop 7-10 pounds before the race.  Now that I have registered for the race my motivation to compete should kick in and I’ll get back on track.  This is a Boston Qualifying race but I am not sure I’ll attempt a qualification run at this point.  Will depend on training leading up the run as well as race weight.  Right now I’m aiming to hit a qualifying time for October in Toronto.

Here’s hoping I kick this cold fast and can get back into a regular training schedule


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