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Good Life Fitness Toronto Marathon

Three steps forward two steps back for this one.  I was happy to be running in this marathon knowing that I had not trained near as hard as I did in October.  I was nervous about finishing the race in a good time seeing that I lost almost 3 weeks of training while in Israel and not to mention the added 10 lbs compared to the last race in October.  I went into the Toronto Waterfront Marathon at a weight of 179 and feeling really strong.  Not so much on this one.  Weight was 189 lbs. and I had only run one 30 km training run prior to Sunday.

The Race started out well and I was aiming for a sub 4 hr run with the hope of hitting a 3 hrs. 50 min time.  Through the first 21 km I felt great and was passing a number of people.  I was averaging between a 5:10 and 5:20/km which was around the pace I did in October and felt great.  After 21 km I passed the halfway point at a time of 1:51:39 which is pretty good.  In comparison I completed the first 21 km in October at a 1:49:12.  Two minutes slower but still 4 min ahead of a finishing time of 3:50:00.  I was having a hard time believing that I was holding up.

At the 35 km mark is where everything changed.  In the midst of my third marathon I knew that I was about to hit the “wall”  I know it’s coming and even warned myself internally. “look out about to hit the wall…push through”  I hit the 35 km mat at a time of 3:10:08 still 4 min ahead of my goal finish and almost 14 min below 4 hrs.

When I hit 36 km I hit the wall hard and then my hip gave out on me.  I’ve been struggling in my training this year with a hip injury that was being treated by Dr. Gene Lin a sports injury clinic here in town and I stopped the therapy 5 weeks prior to the run to focus on getting the miles in but that was a huge mistake.
Once my hip gave out I had to slow the pace right down and just try and finish the race in less than 4 hrs.  I quickly lost the 4 min cushion and knew I wouldn’t hit the finish line in under 3:50.  I did make it across the finish line in a time of 3:51:56.  I’ll take it.

As I work towards the Boston Marathon I thought I’d add some positives that came out of this run and also some points of training for October.

The Good
1. 10 lbs. of extra weight and I was still able to hold pace for most of the race
2. Finished in under 4 hrs.
3. Felt good right until the injury.
4. My running partner set a PB by almost 30 min.

Moving Forward.
I’ve joined a program called Run Coach which I believe is going to be a great benefit to the future training.
I’ll get proper treatment for the hip and be back at it in a few weeks
Cross Training is key and something I did not focus on this time due to the trip to Israel.
October 20, 2013 will be the next marathon attempt at Boston….this was my goal race all along so will be a long summer of training

Just a quick note regarding the race itself.  Loved it, enjoyed coming down Lakeshore to the finish line with all of the cheers.  I would run this again.  My friend Rick and I also ran this run in memory of those who lost their lives and were injured in Boston.
We wore special t-shirts as well…

Race Details

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