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July Training =Highest KM Count Ever.

7 weeks in to training for the Scotia Bank Toronto Waterfront Marathon with my new coach and there are a ton of firsts to celebrate.
I am really happy with how the training is going so far.  Here’s a recap of few of my firsts:

1. First 5 km race – My coach wanted me to try a shorter distance run to see how it all would work out with my track running.  I have always done 10k or greater distances so mentally it was interesting to figure out pace and effort as sprinting 5k was not an option.  The result of the 5k was that I completed it in 20:22 and 3rd in my age group.  Very happy with that and tempted to do another 5k in the future.

2. 12 km in 51 min – During a tempo run last week the schedule was to do 2 km warm up 14 km at 4:35/km with a 2 km cool down.  I ended up actually running 12 km at 4:15/km and felt great.  I was shocked to see my time of 1:13:45 which was 4:37/km with the cool down…was a great morning to go fast,

3. a 4:06 km- What!!  I never thought I was capable of that kind of speed after all the fastest km pace was 4:37 in the past but under the new coach after each track workout I know I am getting faster…now to be able to hold a 4:25 for 42.2  this will be interesting

4. 397 km in July – this is the most I have ever run in one month…wow hard to believe but my body has responded well and am looking forward to what August has to bring (515 km)

We’re 87 days away from the Marathon and I preparing mentally and physically to get that Boston Qualifying time.  I’ll race twice maybe 3 times leading into the Marathon to work on pacing.  I’ll be running the Milton Half Marathon in September with a chance to qualify for the New York Marathon so that would be cool.

Well until my next update…see ya!


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