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Long Run….Training

It has been a while since I’ve posted and will update on a regular basis as I get closer to the race on October 16, 2013.

Since my last update I have partnered with a company called Run Coach to help with keeping me accountable to a running program to avoid injuries.  The program mixes up Track runs, Fartlek runs as well as Threshold runs to increase the speed and time.
I’ve also signed up to work with Ron Mourra at Build Mourra Muscle and Fundamental Fitness Company to work on strength training as well as flexibility.

As for the hip injury it is coming along and I can feel the strength and push coming back.  I tested it out on Canada Day and the Branford 10 km race and finished in 47:09 for a 6th overall finish.  July 27 I’ll race again and see how the work with Ron is improving the overall fitness.

This morning I went on my longest training run since the marathon in May.  With high humidity it was a tough one but managed to hold pace all the way through.  With about 18 lbs to lose before the race I know my times will increase but it’s tough to keep pace when carrying that extra weight.

This week we have training at the office and this of course is the heaviest training week yet with over 70 km of running to do including a track and threshold run.   Here’s hoping all goes well and I can stay injury free.

programI’ve attached a picture of what Run Coach looks like…they are great to work with and already notice the training program making a difference.

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