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med hat

Power in His Word

We have reached the halfway point of the Fan the Flame Cross-Canada Tour and we have arrived in Alberta.

On Monday night we had our workshop in Regina at the local Christian School and although the numbers were smaller than some of our other locations I continue to be amazed at how God is using the Ignite Your Passion for God study to open the eyes of believers to where they are devoting their love and time. I love how this tour is set up as far as the teaching of this workshop.  We have 3 hours so no time for preaching, no time for lecture, we have just enough time to open God’s Word and dig into it and start studying.  Really what could I say that would hold more power than God’s Word, the answer is nothing at all.  It is His Word that does all the work and all I have to do is step back and watch as the Holy Spirit opens the eyes and hearts of those who are studying.  SK

In both Regina and Medicine Hat as well as the other stops on the tour the message remains the same.  People are coming to me and telling me that their hearts are divided between living for the glory of God and living for the pleasures of the world.  The reality is that a divided heart will never produce the love for Jesus that is needed to be passionate about Jesus.  Simply put you cannot serve and worship both Jesus and the world.

In Medicine Hat I was blown away by the number of people who were attending, the number of young people in attendance as well as the support of the church leadership.  What a great example of how Precept Ministries can come along side a church in partnership.  After all in our mission it says “to serve the church faithfully”

After the workshop I was speaking to two women, one a local Christian Fiction Author and her neighbour who were attending.  The local author was a woman named Deb Elkink and she was fired up to see how this study as well as our ministry is so dedicated to teaching people how to study the Bible.  Her neighbour also spoke to me about the timing of this workshop. She has been a Christian for a number of years but never really done Bible Study…let that sink in for a moment.  Imagine someone devoting their life to someone and then never spending anytime with them.  It would be like a newly wed couple who gets married, moves in to their new home and then live separate lives until Sunday
med hatwhen they walk out the same door, spend an hour together and then head back in to their separate rooms for another 7 days.   This is probably the reality for many who profess Jesus Christ.  These people need defibrillator to get their heart started.  This is what is happening as people are digging into God’s Word to see what He wants from those who profess His name.  This woman was convicted and ready to do what was necessary to turn her life around.

18-19 months ago God laid on my heart the desire to write a Bible Study that would put people right into His Word where people could not only meet God but fall in love with Him and ignite their passion for God.   To see the Holy Spirit working in the lives of these people has been amazing and I am so thankful that I have been able to witness these amazing moments.

Tonight we head to Edmonton and cannot wait to see God at Work.

Check out the video updates from Regina and Medicine Hat

Regina, SK – Fan the Flame Cross-Canada Tour from Precept Ministries International on Vimeo.

Medicine Hat, AB – Fan the Flame Cross Canada Tour from Precept Ministries International on Vimeo.