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Quebec…God at Work.

My alarm goes off and I receive a wake up call at 3:30 am…yup you are reading this right…3:30 in the morning. We are off to Winnipeg this morning via Toronto and as I sit here in the airport holding back the tears, tears of joy (maybe) I am wondering…is this suffering for the gospel? Probably not so much in comparison to those believers who are living in countries who fear for their lives for just reading their Bible. I mean I am sitting in the terminal discussing and writing about what God is doing on the Fan the Flame Tour

Last night we were at Greenfield Park Baptist Church which is 30 min from the airport and what a great night of study with 11 participants. As I started the session I was pondering the fact that there were only 11 people but I was quickly reminded of a man who served a few thousands of years ago, his name was Jesus and He poured in to 12 people who then went on to impact thousands for the gospel. Those apostles started a chain reaction that not only reached Jews and Gentiles in Israel but then through Paul and others has now expanded across the globe. Think about it for a moment, we have heard and responded to the gospel message because God began His work via the Holy Spirit in the lives of the apostles.  12814496_1087218311299382_4215215801815107844_n

Quebec is a mission field in itself, one of the ladies in attendance shared that many people choose overseas missions to not only support but also to go and give their time and energy to through mission trips and yet in their own backyard there is work to be done. Predominantly a Province filled with non practicing Catholics evangelical churches struggle with low attendance.

As the workshop wrapped up I met a husband and wife pastor who were from Switzerland who have been serving as missionaries in Quebec for more than 20 years. They are wrapping up their time as a pastoral team and moving to a more remote part of the province to continue to further the gospel and establish people in God’s Word. They are also people who have been doing Precept Bible study for years but want to have a greater impact in the Province using our studies. This conversation was an answer to prayer.

Earlier in the afternoon I had a conversation with our translators Editions Parfam and we talked about a strategic partnership to establish more people in the Word here in Quebec. We have made an effort to translate more material and spend some money to produce the write studies for people who will then be able to use them to disciple others. After our meeting I prayed that God would send more people to us who loved the Word, loved Precept and are willing to serve with the French Canadians here. Next thing I know….I meet this couple, we are talking about how to use Precept to reach Quebec and I am listening to them speak of how they would like to use our studies. If only everything was this east…or is it when we give it to the Lord. This is a debate for another time.

For now off to Winterpeg

Greenfield Park, QC – Fan the Flame Cross-Canada Tour from Precept Ministries International on Vimeo.