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Timing is Everything

Have you ever had one of those days where everything has to go just right? This was what needed to happen on Saturday in order for the team to get to Winnipeg in time to teach the workshop on Saturday.

My day started with a 3:30 am wake up call at the hotel as our flight was very early. It was a 5:30 am flight from Montreal to Toronto and then on to Winnipeg. The arrival in Winnipeg was going to be tight. The scheduled arrival was 9:45 am and the workshop was going to start at 10:30 am. If there were any delays due to weather or technical issues the people of Winnipeg would have showed up at the workshop and there would be no trainer. Praise the Lord we arrived 20 min early and had plenty of time to get to the workshop.12799336_1087635384591008_6595801055599031743_n

Back in Montreal I met a man named Jacques and he did a 3 Day Precept training in the 90’s with Pete DeLacy on 2 Timothy at the same church we were teaching at in Quebec. It was great to hear how he had been involved in the training yet sad at the same time that nothing has really grown in Quebec since that training in the 90’s. Fast forward to Saturday in Winnipeg and I meet a woman there who shared with me about training she received many years ago. She told me she had waited 2 years for training to come to Winnipeg and she was so excited to be there. Her training also came at the same church in Montreal and in fact she new Jacques very well, Jacques wife was this woman’s really good friend. The world just got a little smaller.

The workshop went well considering complete exhaustion. That is one of the first times I have taught on less that 4 hours of sleep. The rest of the day Saturday consisted of rest and that continued in to most of Sunday before arriving in Regina.

It’s very clear that the Precept world is small but there are a number of people established all over Canada. I’m looking forward to seeing how God will continue to grow the ministry through this tour. We have just over 1 week left and many more people to train.

See you tonight Regina…

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<p><a href=”″>Winnipeg, MB – Fan the Flame Cross-Canada Tour</a> from <a href=””>Precept Ministries International</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>