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Why Do We Do This To Ourselves?

New Brunswick to Toronto to Montreal

It’s 4:40 am and it was an early morning. I taught the workshop in St. Stephen New Brunswick last night which is approximately a 1:40 min drive from Fredericton on a two lane road that I am pretty sure was once a logging road.

As I wake up and get ready to head the airport it’s always the early flight that causes me to ask the question “Why do I do this?” The cross Canada tour is a crazy thing to do, we teach in a Province usually from 6:30-9:30 pm then pack up and head to the next Province and we do this for 14 days straight covering almost every Province. The country is amazing to see but so exhausting and yet those super early mornings make it all the more difficult.nb

When I ask myself Why? I then think back to each of the locations we have been to, the people who were so excited to have us in Halifax and then last night being greeted by Lynda in St. Stephen who was so exited to have us come and serve in her community. Looking back over the workshops and seeing those light bulb moments as they study the story of revival through Josiah’s leadership…these are the reasons we do this.

I think about Paul and his missionary journeys, not that I am comparing myself to Paul, unless you consider the part where he is gripped by God’s grace, called to proclaim the gospel. Those aspects I can compare to but the suffering and persecution not so much. Paul had this passion and desire to take the gospel to places nobody had ever gone before. On this tour we’re not taking the gospel to unreached parts of our nation but we are taking Inductive Bible Study to many who have never studied the Bible this way before and that is really exciting.

It’s very clear the reason we do this, we do it because God has called us to establish people in God’s Word through Inductive Study and our nation desperately needs God’s Word. It really is time that we all come together and begin to multiply the number of students and classes that are using this method and material.

Just think about this for a moment…we will equip more than 500 people on this tour and the number continues to grow. If every single person who attends asks one other person to join them in study we suddenly have over 1000 people studying God’s Word. In 2015 we established 5000 new people in God’s Word who had never experienced one our studies in the past. If each of them invited one person we’d have 10,000 more people in God’s Word. Paul was one man who made a huge impact, what can we all do in Canada when we come together to establish people in God’s Word?

Who are you going to invite to experience the power of Inductive Study through one of our 40 minute studies?

Tonight we are in Quebec, just outside of Montreal. Pray for us as Quebec is the least reached people group among evangelicals in Canada…

St. Stephen – Fan the Flame Cross-Canada Tour from Precept Ministries International on Vimeo.